Waste Management

About The Waste Management Department has been mandated to provide facilities, infrastructural services and programs for effective and efficient waste management for the improvement in environmental sanitation, the protection of the environment and the promotion of public health. Major » read more


About The Health Department is responsible for effective implementation of national and regional health policies. At the District level, the Department monitors and evaluates services and provides appropriate community programmatic services. Major activities: Ensures effective » read more

Physical Planning

About The Physical Planning Department oversees all schematic rural and urban planning activities for the District. The Department is responsible for the development of physical plans, advisory services and policy development. Major activities: 1. Facilitates the development of » read more

Urban Roads

About The Urban Roads Department is responsible for maintenance of existing roads, conducting technical road services and participating in the development of future road networks. Major activities: 1. Maintains of existing roads 2. Participates in District Assembly road planning » read more


About The Finance Department ensures sound financial management of the District’s affairs, manages revenue generation activities and ensures that new businesses are properly registered. Major activities: 1. Manages the Districts funds and coordinates accounts between the District » read more

Social Welfare

About The Social Welfare (SW) Department develops and implements social welfare and community development policies. SW assists the vulnerable and disadvantaged for social integration, provides an array of adult and child welfare services, administers Certificate of Commencement monitoring » read more


About The Legal Department is responsible for providing legal services to District Departments and Executive Branches. The Department also provides services to the community concerning marriages and basic legal matters. Major activities: 1. Provides legal support services to the » read more

Central Administration

About As the Secretariat of STMA, Central Administration Department is responsible for support services and managing the general administration of the District Assembly. Major activities Central Administration major areas of management and coordination responsibility include the » read more

Disaster Management and Planning

About The Disaster Management and Prevention Department assists in planning and implementing of programs to prevent and/or mitigate disastrous events within the District. In the event of a disaster, the Department works with other District departments and various agencies to administer relief to » read more


About The Department of Works oversees the maintenance and development of physical infrastructure, issues Building Permits and conducts Building Inspections. Works also assists the District Assembly and community members with the technical requirements for maintenance and building standards. » read more

Development Planning

Development Planning » read more


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