The Physical Planning Department oversees all schematic rural and urban planning activities for the District. The Department is responsible for the development of physical plans, advisory services and policy development.

Major activities:

  • 1. Facilitates the development of physical plans for the District

  • 2. Assists in the preparation of the Land-Use Plan guide

  • 3. Works with various District Departments on the development of policies and decisions related to physical planning

  • 4. Provides advisory assistance and due diligence on housing and commercial development scheme layouts for prospective developers

  • 5. Issues Development Permits (pre-requisite for building permits)

  • 6. Oversees street addressing activities including naming and numbering of properties

  • 7. Prepares District maps

  • 8. Planning advocacy ? to educate the public about issues regarding physical planning (not currently pro-active)

  • Web Docs / CSU

  • 1. Development Permit Application Form

  • 2. Zoning Change of Use Application form

  • 3. Sub-division Application form

  • 4. Service Charter

  • 5. Complaint Form