Source: OGP/STMA  |  Date Published: 14 May, 2018 12:29:15

    A two-day workshop was organized at Iten,Elgeyo-Marakwet County in Kenya inviting Subnational governments and civilsociety representatives on the 1ST and 2nd of May, 2018. Theworkshop was a regional gathering of governments and civil societyrepresentatives from the only 4 OGP local participants on the Africancontinent. The participating sub-nationals were STMA-Ghana, Elgeyo- MarakwetCounty-Kenya, Kigomi Ujiji Municipal Council-Tanzania, Kaduna State-Nigeria. Themain objective of the event was to discuss the findings of the IndependentReporting Mechanism (IRM) for each OGP local participant, make recommendationson the report, promote exchanges among and between participating localgovernments and discuss how co-creation efforts can be strengthened in the formulation of the  Action Plan for 2018.

    The workshop was attended by Mr. IsaacAidoo, the STMA OGP focal person, as well as Mr. Aziz Mahmoud, who representedcivil society organizations (CSO’s) partnering STMA under the OGP initiative.STMA’s partner CSO’s under the OGP initiative are STMA-Citywide SettlementUpgrading Fund (STMA-CSUF), Berea Social Foundation (BFS) and Friends of theNation (FoN). Participants of the workshop used the opportunity to share theirexperiences with respect to their OGP subnational journey so far; lessonslearnt, achievements and challenges.


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