Source: PRO  |  Date Published: 07 Nov, 2018 10:58:08

    The Corporate Services Executive of MTN Ghana, Mr. Sam Kuranteng. on Thursday 1st of November, 2018. paid a courtesy call on the metropolitan chief executive of S.T.M.A

    According to the regional CSI coordinator, the visit was to formally introduce the newly appointed corporate services executive to the Mayor, whiles in the metropolis for an official tour in the region. He indicated that MTN Ghana -Takoradi office considers the assembly as one of its major partners and therefore deemed it appropriate for the visit.

    In his remarks, Mr. Kuranteng thanked the Mayor and His team for the opportunity granted and briefed them on MTN operations and the various activities of the MTN Foundation. He noted  that MTN Ghana is investing an additional  $144 million into expanding their operations to better their services.

    He therefore, appealed to the Mayor to use His highly respected office to control the frequent cutting of MTN fiber optic cable which eventually turns to disrupt the quality of their services in the region.

    Hon. K.K.Sam welcomed Mr. Kuranteng and indeed thanked MTN Ghana for their tremendous services and  numerous candid supports to societies via their corporate social responsibilities. He moreover, expressed his plan to develop the rural areas of the Metropolis and have the telecommunications companies expand their services to the people and also in observing the national sanitation days in the Metropolis.

    On the cutting of the fiber optic cables, the public RelationsOfficer, Mr. John LASTE. addressed that the assembly is not given any prior notice to the laying of the cables and even the mounting of maste, hence, their inability to identify where the cables have been laid when the assembly is doing any constructions on the streets. He  then indicated and emphases that  MTN Ghana gives the assembly notice whenever they are embarking on any activities of this kind. consequently, Mr.Kuranteng agreed to the recommendations and indeed promised to engage the assembly henceforth.


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