M.C.E Innuagurate a Task-Rorce To Decongest The City Of Sekondi-Takoradi.

by STMA / December 8th,2021 /
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Wednesday, 8th December 2021, the mayor of the city,Hon. Abdul Mumin Issah, and this ,Management from the assembly together with other officials from the various transport unions,formally inaugurated the STMA Task-force to aid in decongest the city of Sekondi-Takoradifor free flow of both vehicular and human movement during this yuletide and beyondat the premises of the Takoradi Sub-Metro assembly.
Moreover, the task of this force is to ensure that, the cityremains discipline, devoid of congestion, and report any unscrupulous behaviorthat will endanger or jeopardize human movement by some recalcitrant drivers orindividuals to the city authority for necessary disciplinary action to be metedout to those offenders.

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The reconstruction and construction of the Takoradi MarketCircle and the Takoradi interchange respectively have had cascade effect on theflow of traffic in the city, especially, the diversion of some major roads,school junction – airport ridge and pipeano-TTU diversion; effect which isanticipated to worsen with the approaching of the yuletide.
This is why an eleven (11) member task-force, consisting ofmembers from the GPRTU, Transport Unions and the Assembly Metro Guards havebeen formed to check and control drivers from parking and loading atunauthorized places in the metropolis. Hon. Mumin Issah took the opportunity to caution the task-force team to desist from extorting or collecting any form of bribe- beingit money, food stuffs etc. from the drivers and individuals respectively. Perhaps,He emphatically caution any offender to desist the attempt to involve highranking personalities to massage and bargain their ways out when they are foundculpable. The Task-force is scheduled to begin fulloperation from Monday, 13th December, 2021


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